Most Common Questions about Dishwashing Gloves

We’ve all been familiar with the fact that dishwashing gloves are invented to keep our hands safe from all dirt, chemicals, and even harmful irritation. But choosing the correct one for your usage is more than just hustling in the grocery store. And we know, sometimes you’ll have quite a doubt with some gloves and a few more questions on the way.

In this article, we will break down every common question that you might have when buying dishwashing gloves. These questions have been floating all over the net, but since no one really answers them for you, let us do the hard work.

You will find some useful information here with us. Now let’s come right in!

Dishwashing Gloves

Are Dishwashing Gloves Waterproof?

Most dishwashing gloves are made from latex, vinyl, or nitrile, so the answer would be yes, absolutely. Your dishwashing gloves will perform well in keeping your hands dry and clean when encountering water or most water-based material. However, with latex gloves, you should keep them away from oil since it will destroy the latex fiber, causing it to wear out faster. Nitrile gloves are more durable with chemical resistance compared to other materials. But generally, they’re all waterproof.

Are Dishwashing Gloves Food Safe?

Actually, it depends a lot on the manufacturer. Some nitrile gloves actually have HACCP Certified, so they’re entirely food safe. Meanwhile, most latex gloves don’t have these certificates since they’re proven to leave the latex protein on food.

Ensure that you’ve checked it well on the packaging, food-safety gloves often have the certificate stamp or piece of information right on its packaging. If you’re not sure they’re food-safe or not, do not use them until you’ve had the confirmation from the manufacturer.


All You Need for Best Dishwashing Gloves is Here

No one loves doing house chores, and washing dishes are among the worst. And washing dishes means you have to make contact with soap and cleaning detergent, that’s when dishwashing gloves come handy.

It’s essential to keep your hand and skin protected from chemical detergent and bacteria coming from dirty dishes. Although it sounds effortless, dishwashing gloves are crucial as kitchen/ household accessories, which only provide you with benefits. In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to choose the best dishwashing gloves ever. Check it out now!

Best Dishwashing Gloves

3 Top Reason Why You Need Dishwashing gloves

When it comes to those rubber or PVC gloves, some might think that it’s unnecessary. However, we’ll prove the absolute opposite. Wearing gloves is the best thing you could do to your hands.

Gloves protect: The most significant benefit that makes us say yes to the gloves is that they protect our hands from chemicals, soap, detergent. A good pair of gloves also keep you away from cuts or burns you might run into when doing the chores. And if you have to encounter any harsh chemicals while cleaning up, your gloves will be the best armor.

No more broken dishes: Soapy hands are easy to lose grip, but dishwashing gloves can definitely help you. Gloves provide a better grip with cups, pots, dish, bowl, and everything you touch. Now you can say goodbye to broken glasses and slippery hands.

Never skip any corner: Normally, when just using bare hands and sponge, it’s hard to get to small corners where your sponge is impossible to reach, and bare hands can’t clean it thoroughly. That’s when your dishwashing gloves show its power.

One bonus advantage for dishwashing gloves is it helps to save your money. You’re wondering how could that be, right? But actually, when you don’t have to keep replacing your broken dishes and bowls, you’re saving a lot of money. Thus you won’t have to spend more bucks in hand cream and hand products.


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Fried Daily Catch, Garnished with an Apple & Caramelized onion relish, carrot & caraway puree, Crispy Leeks strings, in-house buttermilk buns – $19

Selection of in-house cured meats – $16

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Baby Spinach, feta Cheese, Macerated golden raisin, Toasted Macadamia nuts , Parsnip textures, concord Grape & honey Vinaigrette – $14

Garden Fresh Salad
Local Greens, Black Radish, Bartlett pears, Cucumber, Carrot, Red Cabbage, Fennel, Cranberry, Fresh Herbs, pumpkin Seeds, Spicy Mayo, citrus & cider Vinaigrette – $16

Cheese Selection of 3 Canadian
Toasted bannock, smoked maple syrup, dried fruit compote – $12 / $24 / $36

Horseradish, mignonette, hot sauce, lemons – $11

Shishito Poppers
Tempura fried flame roasted peppers, cream cheese & pickled jalapeno, vegetable and herb raita dip – $25

Horse & Bones
Roasted bone marrow, horse tartare, escabeche, potato crisps – $8

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Yukon gold potato frites with Parlor sauce – $21

Chicken Basque Tagliatelle
Aromatic braised chicken, tomato, red pepper, green olive sauce, topped with parmesan cheese & a focaccia crumb – $16

Big Wings
Confit turkey wings, in-house blue cheese dip, pickled crudité maple rye & mustard hot sauce, or hot & honey or buffalo wing sauce – $26

Beer Can Chicken
Beer brined half organic chicken, sautéed greens, roasted fingerling potatoes, roasted wild mushrooms, white wine chicken jus – $15

Fried calamari, sweet & spicy red pepper sauce, crispy capers, cherry tomatoes, olive oil & chervil – $18

The Burger
Ontario chuck patty, buttermilk bun, classic cheddar, streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle & Parlor sauce served with frites or salad. – $26

The “Vodilated” Burger
Extra patty and extra cheese. Ontario chuck patty, buttermilk bun, classic cheddar, streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle & Parlor sauce served with frites or salad. – $19

White Bean & Root Vegetable Ragout
White bean s cooked in a savoury tomato & smoked onion ragout, roasted local root vegetables, crispy Kale & crumbled feta cheese. – $18

Street Meat
Savoury summer sausages on buttermilk buns, fresh slaw, pickles, pickled jalapeno, ball park mustard – $28

Short Ribs
Braised short ribs , glazed with a red wine Veal jus, parsnip & white chocolate puree, baby carrots, brussels sprouts, & pearl Onions – $28

Market Fresh Fish
Composed daily- ask server for details – $29

Flat Iron Steak
Marinated & seared flat iron steak, candy striped beets, wilted baby spinach, potato croquette, finished with a savoury red wine veal jus


Old Man And The Sea
Johnnie Walker Black, domain de canton, drambuie, black tea and wormwood bitters – $14.25

Smoked Maple Manhattan
Crown Royal, sweet vermouth, smoked maple syrup, walnut pecan and angostura bitters, angelica bitters – $13

Tequila “Last Word”
Blanco Tequila, green chartreuse, luxardo maraschino, lime – $10

Seasonal Sour
Tanqueray Gin, red beet and citrus syrup, dandelion, egg white – $12

Parlor Caesar
Vodka, clamato, lime, horseradish, worcestershire, house hot sauce, house rim, finished with pickled vegetable, spicy beans and house salami – $14.00

HIGH Park Teatime
Cognac, Amaro Nonino, Pecan Orgeat, Lemon, orange Pekoe Cream, Served hot or chilled – $12.00

Mulled Wine
Big Head Red, Fortified Plum wine and calvados, House spice blend – $14.00

Lot 40 Whisky, Peppered – Sage Butter, smoked lemon, aromatic bitters, Egg white, sage & bacon Powder – $12.00

Canadian Club %100 Rye, Ameretto, Averna , Orange Shrub, Bitters, IN-HOUSE EGGNOG MIX – $14.00

Pie Minister
Havana Club 3 yr, Amaro Nonino, Fernet Branca, Domain De Canton, Apple Pepper Bay Shrub, Maple, Lemon, Egg Whites, Conifer Bitters, Sugared Apple Crisp – $12.00

O. G.
Chic Choc Spiced Rum, Giner, Agave, Walnut and Chili Bitters, Sage Shrub, Burnt Orange – $14.00
Saskatoon Sazerac
Lot 40 Whiskey, Herbsaint, Peychaud Bitters, Lemon Zest, Maple Sugar – $14.00

Late Night

Sumac and thyme focaccia with daily tapenade – $5

Chips And Dip
In house chips and dip – $7

Assortment of seasonal pickled fair – $16

Selection of 3 local cheeses – $19

Selection of in house cured meats – $12 / $24 / $36

Daily selection with house hot sauce, mignonette, lemon, horseradish – $8

Crispy yukon gold frites with Parlor sauce – $10

Quebec style with beef jus and cheese curds – $10

Spiced beef, sour cream, guacamole, cheddar, pico de gallo, jalapeno cheese sauce – $11

Shishito Poppers
Tempura fired cheese and citrus filled peppers with vegetable riata dip – $8

Friend daily catch, avocado aioli, pico de gallo, pickles, cilantro, lime – $8

Street Meat
Savory summer sausage, buttermilk bun, pickles, jalapeno, summer slaw, mustard – $16

Big Wings
Confit turkey wings, buffalo sauce, pickled vegetables and in-house blue cheese dip – $18

The Burger
6 oz Ontario beef patty, buttermilk bun, bacon, cheddar, pickles, lettuce, tomato and Parlor sauce – $18